Nia Dance

What is it?

Nia is a combination of Martial Arts, Healing Arts and Dance, drawing on Eastern and Western philosophies of joyful movement and healing to create a conditioning programme that integrates body, mind and spirit.  Normally done barefoot, Nia is more than a workout, it will feed your body, helping to lubricate joints, strengthen and stretch muscles and improve your stability; but it will also focus your mind and stir your emotions.

Who is it for?

Focusing on Pleasure, Nia is gentle on joints as well as on the cardio-vascular and respiratory system, you will move and challenge your body but without stressing these systems. It is therefore suitable for all ages and abilities from those with a basic level of fitness, to the very fit.  It is also an ideal partner for other activities i.e. running, walking, golf, etc.  Men and women.  Those who desire change and a conscious, fun, expressive and pleasurable way to get healthy and fit, whilst enriching their lives. There is no requirement to be able to dance. If you love music and movement, you will love this class.

What to expect

Our studio is light and airy and Geri, our Nia instructor, creates energising playlists to inspire you to move and express your personal style. Classes are structured in such a way that you will become present and engaged with the activity, challenged, relaxed and ultimately rejuvenated, ready to face the outside world.

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Meet the instructors

Geri Timmins

Geri Timmins

Black Belt Nia Instructor

All my life I have loved to move my body. I’ve loved all forms of exercise, Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Alexander Technique, but particularly anything with music. Nearly ten years ago I started Nia. Within a couple of steps, my life changed.

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