Meet Craig

Specialist Fields

Registered Chiropractor


Coming from a sporting family and being sports orientated myself, I have always been interested in the human body and it’s movement; how it works, why it ‘breaks’ and how it can be repaired.

The ‘repairs’ on my body were facilitated mostly by my chiropractor, who also fuelled my interest in the profession. I saw first hand the fantastic results my family achieved from seeing a chiropractor – what was ‘broken’ got ‘repaired’.

I trained as a chiropractor in Durban, South Africa completing my studies in 1998. In South Africa I worked in the professional sports field as part of the multi-disciplinary health care teams, and in a busy private practice.

After emigrating to England in 1999, I have continued to work in multi-disciplinary clinics, specializing in musculo-skeletal and orthopaedic dysfunctions. I am a certified Chiropractic Extremity practitioner and a certified Graston technique Soft tissue practitioner and continue to develop my knowledge through ongoing education.

I have close working relationships with a wide range of health care practitioners and consultants which enables me to provide a treatment plan tailored to suit individual patient needs.

My chiropractic philosophy is based on integrating the physical, emotional and chemical well-being of the body to attain maximum health status. I have a special interest in treating spinal dysfunction, chronic neck pain and headaches.

Weekends see me playing or watching sport, and spending time with my young family.