Meet Geri

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Black Belt Nia Instructor, 5 Stages of Healing


All my life I have loved to move my body. I’ve loved all forms of exercise, Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Alexander Technique, but particularly anything with music. Nearly ten years ago I stood in a studio, about to take part in a ‘taster’ session of something called Nia. Within a couple of steps, my life changed.

At first, I wasn’t quite sure what had happened, other than a sense of ‘coming home’ – it seemed more gentle than I was used to, but why was I so warm? It advocated Pleasure Versus Pain, so why did I feel that I had completely integrated not only my whole body, but my mind felt stimulated and yet peaceful?

Shortly after that class, I signed up for a week of intensive training, taking me to the first level, Nia White Belt. Still unsure and guided only by my intuition and gut reaction, that week cemented my passion for Nia and I began teaching 3 months later.

During the last 9 years, I have been teaching at least 3 classes a week, as well as completing my Green, Blue, Brown and Black Belts, with 3 of those being trained by the creators of Nia, Debbie & Carlos Rosas. I’m also trained to teach Nia’s 5 Stages of Healing, based on the 5 Stages of Human Development, a practice I definitely would NOT want to be without & that I do every single day. I also teach every year in America, have made Nia friends all over the World and am committed to deepening my practice – well, forever!

Every time I do a training, attend a workshop or teach, my respect for Nia deepens and I know that it can be a life changing practice, not only by the feedback & comments I receive from my students, but also from the most intimate way possible – Me and My Body.

In a hectic, ever changing world as we develop into adults, it’s easy to become totally mind centred and actually forget we have a body – until it lets us know! Nia is about coming back to body sensation, relaxing the thinking mind and at the same time moving the body safely to soul stirring music. Every student is able to tweak & adjust the moves for themselves, thus creating one of the things I love the most, a class where mixed abilities, ages, men & women can all take part, and dance as one, a great community feeling!

Every class, even when following the same routine, is different and the vibrancy that comes from the 9 different movement forms is unique. I hope to see you in a class soon!