Meet Monika


Being a physiotherapist has always been an obvious choice of profession for me.

I am and always have been very passionate about sport, always first to volunteer to be a member of the team regardless of the type of sport. Football has always been the discipline I would call my favourite – I’ve played football since I was 8 years old and I now play for Forest Green Rovers Ladies First Team. Being an athlete since a young age has taught me a few very important things that I could then carry over into my life and work – discipline, humbleness, team spirit.

Ever since deciding to become a physiotherapist, I have been continuously training to become the best I can be, starting with BSc and MSc degrees in Physiotherapy and completing multiple courses allowing me to broaden my knowledge and skills. Like every therapist, I try to stay up to date with any new theories and ideas that I can then use in helping my patients to overcome their problems.

In the past, I have worked children and adults of all ages. This experience has given me a good idea about the problems that patients face at different stages of their lives and strategies that we as therapists can use to support our patients in a holistic way. It has also broadened my general knowledge about various types of injuries and conditions. My strengths lie with the musculoskeletal (MSK) area of physiotherapy.