fruit and vegSo we are now over half way through the challenge and things are progressing well!

  • Bev has found that a simple change to her mind set means she is more comfortable with her food choices (more on this later!)
  • Matt reports that the supplements he is taking are reducing the pain in his knee
  • Jo R says that the paleo style of eating has significantly improved her well-being.


We are tweaking the volunteer’s plans as the weeks go on to keep them on track and moving in the right direction, nobody getting left behind here!

For our up-date this week and want to highlight some of the revelations which Bev has experienced over the last couple of weeks. When we first started this process, she was confused by the mixed messages which are portrayed in the media.

“Carbs are the enemy.”

“Fasting is the best way to lose weight”

“This food will give you cancer whilst this one will cure it”

All very familiar, misleading and baffling.

When I first sat down with Bev we talked through the approaches she had tried in the past and like most, previous diet attempts worked in the short term but simply weren’t sustainable.

We decided to focus on intuitive eating, which is the application of mindfulness to eating alongside being in tune with your bodies signals.

At the end of week 2 Bev emailed me to say she appeared to be “in the zone”, and the key things for her had been:

  • Taking the time to identify whether she was hungry, or just bored and not being a slave to the clock.
  • Eating the food she likes to eat, not the food she thinks she should (we covered this last week!)
  • Using a personalised portion guide which we put together at the start of the process
  • And my favourite, knowing that she can still have a sandwich! ?

A focus on food quality along with intuitive eating means that Bev is feeling positive about her food choices, not guilty and has lost 7lbs all achieved whilst balancing a busy work and family life.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little re-framing (viewing a situation or event differently) or hearing a different perspective, to put you on the right track.

Whether it is weight management, disordered eating or symptom reduction getting someone else’s point of view can work wonders. Get in touch if you would like a no obligation chat to see how I could help you. 01453 548119.