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At Courtyard our aim and our main selling point is to always offer an individually tailored package of care. We can manage pain and injury, advise on exercise and nutrition. We can also address emotional and psychological needs and provide opportunities for relaxation and recuperation. We sometimes use following analogy to explain our approach.

Imagine your health like a long distance run. It’s not just about the race but the preparation, the pitfalls and the celebration at the end. So what will you need?

You’ll have to know what you are taking on, what kind of fitness is required for the various legs of this race? how fit are you now and how will you make up the difference?

You’re on your way. You’ll need the right fuel, friends alongside and cheers from the crowd. If things don’t go quite to plan you might need picking up and supporting for a while or maybe just encouragement to push through the wall. Occasionally you’ll need to rest but eventually, the finishing line will be in sight. That’s not the end though. What will you do next and how can we make it better?

This tailored approach benefits our clients by recognising their individual needs not only person to person but also at different stages of their life. We can’t predict what’s coming next in life but we can be sure that motivations, health and fitness levels, availability of time and many other factors will vary. We can’t use the same approach for every person or for every stage of one person’s life.

It is also of huge benefit to our clinicians to be able to work alongside other health professionals with different skill sets and with whom they can discuss and share clients for a better outcome. This set-up also allows clinicians to specialise and diversify. We have Physiotherapists who teach Pilates, a Chiropractor who specialises in headaches and a Practice Manager who also works as a Hypnotherapist. We want an environment where no-one is limited.

Our tagline is “Exceed your expectations” and we hope always to exceed those of our clients and those who work with us.


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We offer a huge range of services with a host of dedicated staff to help you find the service that’s right for you.

Complementary Treatments

We provide opportunities for relaxation and recuperation with yoga, pilates, acupuncture and massage.


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