fruit and veg

Six brave Courtyard team members undergo my six week nutrition challenge!

These days, dietary advice is more confusing than ever. With everyone promoting the “best” diet, how do you know which one will be right for you?

I’ve designed this challenge to help demystify popular diets and nutritional advice, whilst highlighting the importance of an individualised approach. Each volunteer will follow a bespoke diet plan for the 6 weeks and you can follow their progress via our website, monthly newsletter (sign up here), Facebook or notice board.

If you are interested in any of the approaches taken by our volunteers then please contact me for a no obligation chat to discuss how I can help you reach your goals.

Jo Turner

Jo is enjoying focusing on

nutrient density and I will support her with this, aiming to improve energy levels and

overall well-being.


Matt Sherrington

Matt wants to support his

training and injury recovery so we will be implementing a supplement and nutrition pro- tocol to support this.


Bev Overs

Bev eats nutritious food and would like to focus on timings and amounts. We will be using portion guides and habits, not calorie counting!.


Jo Roberts

Jo suffers from food sensitivities so to try and limit these she will be following a

Paleo approach to eating.


Ray Fielding

Ray’s busy schedule means that food can take a back seat.

We will be utilising quality meal replacement shakes when needed to keep him on the go.



Steph is a keen cyclist and is looking for ways to keep her energy levels high for longer. She is also interested in plant based protein.