How can a Physio Help You?

There is no typical day in the life of a physio. Sometimes we are called musculoskeletal therapists which means that any problem you might have with your bones, joints, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments or even your connective tissue, falls under our remit.In any...

In Defence of Moderation

Moderation is a boring word. I don’t like saying it and it is hardly motivating. It doesn’t invoke images of success or promise great results and by its very definition implies a state of averageness. Yet, when it comes to your diet and fitness efforts moderation is...

Expansion of our Malmesbury Services

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our services in Malmesbury and the surrounding area through the purchase of the Malmesbury Chiropractic Clinic (MCC).  The purchase follows the retirement of the existing clinic owner Chris le Fleming who has been practicing...

Shoulder dislocation +/- fracture, a common skiing injury

Approximately 4 to 11% of all snow sports injuries occur at the shoulder. Whilst the shoulder is the most fantastically mobile joint, what we gain in mobility we lose in stability, making it particularly vulnerable if we fall. The most common injuries include fractures, dislocations and soft tissue damage, primarily to the Rotator Cuff muscles.

Can you get whiplash whilst skiing?

What is whiplash? Most people associate whiplash injury with car accidents and this is certainly the most common cause. Typically, when hit from behind by another vehicle, your head is thrown forward and then forcibly whips backwards into the head rest. A similar...

How to avoid skier’s thumb

Skiers thumb is a fairly common problem making up 15% of all injuries that happen when you hit the slopes. It occurs when falling over onto an open hand, catching the thumb in the snow, or via a valgus force from the ski pole, which injures a ligament at the base of your thumb. Injuries can vary from a simple sprain to (unfortunately) the more common full ligament rupture.

Hunger: time for a new relationship?

Dietary programs are often sold on the promise that you will lose weight whilst keeping cravings and hunger at bay…The simple truth however, is if you are looking to lose weight then you are going to feel hungry, it is unavoidable.

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