Dietitian Service

What it is

Dietetics is the application of evidence based nutritional recommendations with the aim of improving a client’s health and wellbeing. A Dietitian is well placed to address clinical concerns such as blood sugar and cholesterol lowering as well as non-therapeutic needs such as meal planning and sport performance improvement.

Common Conditions

Common conditions that a Dietitian can help with include the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and the reduction of associated symptoms, weight management concerns and improving a client’s relationship with food, guidance on food exclusion for therapeutic needs such as coeliac disease or lactose intolerance. Nutrient imbalances, either excess or deficiency is another common area which a Dietitian can help address to help boost energy and mood.

What to expect

In a consultation you can expect the Dietitian to establish a full medical and social history which will allow them to identify your needs and the influences on your eating habits. Once a background is determined we will discuss your goals and desired outcomes, formulating a plan which puts you at the centre. Ongoing support from the Dietitian will include regular email or telephone contact, provision of meal plans and diet sheets if necessary and plan adjustment as you move towards your desired goal. As a Dietitian, all recommendations delivered are evidence based and maintain safety and efficacy at their core.

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Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas


Nutrition and the psychology of health behaviours fascinate me. I enjoy learning about pathology and how the body responds to food. However, my main satisfaction comes from helping people overcome barriers to health, improving their quality of life.

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