What it is

Podiatry is the diagnosis, treatment and management of foot and ankle related conditions. Podiatrists also study the movement of the body and how each joint can affect another, therefore, Podiatrists can treat and manage lower limb and upper limb conditions such as the knee, hip and lower back pains.

Podiatrists also have the ability also to prescribe medications and perform surgery if necessary.


Common Conditions

A Podiatrist can treat anything from a simple skin lesion to corrective foot surgery and anything in-between where the foot and ankle is concerned. Rob, our Podiatrist is also trained in specialist biomechanics, observing body mechanics and how the feet control the joints above them.


What to expect

You will first receive an assessment of your condition which may include a biomechanical assessment and video analysis of your gait and/or running style.  Rob will diagnose your condition and prescribe appropriate treatment which may include corrective techniques such as taping and provision of orthotics which Rob makes and provides through his own lab. Rob is also able to provide a full range of Chiropody services if required.

Other services that can support your treatment

Rob works as part of the multidisciplinary team at Courtyard and will liaise with our Physiotherapists and Chiropractors as well as Orthopaedic Surgeons to help treat common conditions such as knee, hip and lower back pain.

What will it cost?

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Meet our Therapists

Rob Hill

Rob Hill


I feel very lucky being part of such a wonderfully talented team working within the Courtyard Clinic, with the array of specialities, experience and dedication it’s a great place to both work and be a patient.
I believe that our feet are our foundation and will therefore dictate the position of bones and joints upwards in the body. Click here to find out more about Rob.

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