Aroma Unwind

What it is

An Aroma Unwind combines the benefits of essential oils with those of holistic massage. In her approach to the whole body, Giulia uses many techniques learnt over twenty years, such as use of the acupressure points to unblock, trigger points to unwind and Shiatsu-style stretches that deeply relax as well as creating a greater range of movement in the body.


Common Conditions

Essential Oils have a unique resonance with the emotional body. They support healthy functioning of the endocrine, immune, nervous, respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems, are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral and potently anti-inflammatory, increase focus and memory, increase right-hemisphere processing of life experience, increase coherence between mind and body and are effective anti-depressants and mood elevators.

Giulia will utilise the properties of particular oil blends to help you manage stress, increase vitality and optimism, induce calm and harmonise imbalances associated with menstruation and menopause.

What to expect

Giulia works intuitively applying a sensitivity of touch to stiff, tight muscles, a focus on particular areas of the body if so desired, and can be as deep or as light as you like.

On your first visit, Giulia will take a full medical history to make sure the treatment is individual and designed to suit your particular needs. She will use kinesiology muscle-testing to arrive at the right oils for you. At follow-up treatments she will check in to see how the oils have supported you over the time and follow on with new oils to match your progress.

All you need to do as a client is lie back and soak up the experience!

Other services that can support your treatment

Aroma Unwind may be an ideal complement to services such as Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Holistic Massage, where there is a focus upon stress relief, relaxation and restoring balance.

What will it cost?

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Meet our Therapists

Giulia Holland

Giulia Holland

Holistic Massage Therapist

As a result of twenty years experience working one-to-one with so many different personalities and loving the diversity and beauty of individuals, I have strengthened my intuitive abilities; this has been helped by practicing Chi Gung for many years as well as gardening, dancing and painting, all of which I find keep my spirit strong and my feet grounded!

Here’s What Our Clients Think of Us

For Karla (Hypnotherapist)

“I was here on 3-day work experience. The first day I was nervous but there was a ‘family atmosphere’ where everyone was really welcoming and made me feel comfortable. I enjoyed every minute and would love to come again.” Charlie Edwards

For Vicky (Vim and Vigour)

“I am now nearing the end of my second course of Vim and Vigour sessions. I must say, along with thoroughly enjoying myself I have noticed an improvement in my balance, core strength and flexibility over this period. My thanks go to Vicky who has focused the activities towards my particular needs and has also raised my awareness of how to combat the ageing issues my body is facing. Thank you.” Karen McDonald

For Jo (Physiotherapy)

“I have to say that in all my years, working and coaching, and being treated myself, that was one of the finest pieces of work I’ve ever witnessed. My daughter is a very complex, head strong young lady. I am truly in awe of the way Jo took on the mental and physical challenges in a way she could accept. Very grateful for all you’ve done”         

 For Jo Roberts (Equipment Based Pilates)

“Over the last 2 years of rehab, I’ve done lots of different exercises, some extreme that have worked me hard. This is the only one that I’ve had to ask to stop mid-session to get a drink of water, that’s how hard it pushes you, do not underestimate this fantastic form of exercise.” Jerry Fowler

Ready to Make a Change?

Making that first appointment is the most important part. If you’re not quite sure what you need don’t worry, give us a call or send an email. Our job is to help you find the best way forward with the most appropriate treatment plan or class for you.