Sports Therapy

What it is

Sports Therapy is a branch of healthcare aimed at the prevention of injury and rehabilitation back to optimal health and sport specific fitness.

Common Conditions

Sports Massages, Manual Therapy, Dry Needling, Dry Cupping and more forms of sports rehabilitation is ideal to aid recovery from injury where muscle tension or spasm is a factor. They can also help to prevent injury, encouraging good muscle condition, balance and posture.

What to expect

Our Sports Therapists have the skills and knowledge to assess injury and provide immediate care using techniques such as taping, sports massage and acupuncture. They are also able to plan and implement appropriate exercise programmes for rehabilitation.

Other services that can support your treatment

Our Sports Therapists will work alongside Physiotherapists and Chiropractors as well as our Podiatrist and, where appropriate, refer on to medical specialists.

What will it cost?

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Meet our Therapists

James Stevenson

James Stevenson

Sport Therapist

Having played sport from a young age, I always dreamt of being a professional sportsman. Due to injury like many other professionals in the industry this was not possible, but my desire to stay involved in the sporting environment lead me to the profession of Sports Therapy.

Georgina King

Georgina King

Sport Therapist

As a very keen sportswoman, becoming a Sports Therapist allowed Georgina to continue her involvement in Sports both playing and working.  Find out more about her here.

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