Meet Giulia



Specialist Fields

BA Combined Social Studies.  Health Kinesiology UK member of the Kinesiology Federation and then member of Federation of Holistic Therapists to date. Geopathic Stress and Subtle Energy Consultant and Trainer. Registered Professional with the British Society of Dowsers and member of GeomancyUK group.
GAPS nutrition (Gut and Psychology Syndrome)
Specific bodywork trainings: Diplomas in: Reharmonising and Unwinding, Sports Massage, Hot Stones Massage Therapy, Holistic Facials, Pregnancy Massage, Seated Acupressure, Shiatsu-style Deep Tissue and Manicure and Pedicure.

Holistic Massage Therapy


I enjoy the mental challenge of working with a person or piece of land, and helping them get back in the flow, making changes in their lives and seeing them flourish. In the last ten years I have felt more and more comfortable incorporating bodywork into my practice, and I think this is where I feel most at home. I trained in sports massage as it was the very extreme end of the spectrum from the energy balancing I do in Kinesiology. Over the years I have realized the power of incorporating them both into wonderfully relaxing treatments with a strong healing potential. The point when we are most relaxed is when the most change can occur.

As a result of twenty years experience working one-to-one with so many different personalities and loving the diversity and beauty of individuals, I have strengthened my intuitive abilities; this has been helped by practicing Chi Gung for many years as well as gardening, dancing and painting, all of which I find keep my spirit strong and my feet grounded!