Jo Tuner

Meet Jo

I have been fanatical about sport and all types of exercise since I was a child. Physiotherapy was an obvious career choice for me and being able to teach movement alongside hands on treatment is the most fulfilling aspect of my job.

To be a physiotherapist teaching Pilates is fantastic, I get to take my knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics and then use movement and exercise to bring it alive. I get huge satisfaction from seeing patients improve with this technique and I love the creative aspect of choreographing classes.

Pain Management
Pain in its simplest form is a positive thing, a warning signal and a form of protection. Things can go wrong with the nervous system however, just like in any other part of our body. in 2004 I completed a master’s degree in pain management at Leicester University. I wanted to know more about neuroscience but also how to better help my patients. I try to help people understand their pain but more importantly help them to trust and move their bodies again.

Clinic Director
An exciting change in my career was when I took on co-ownership of the Courtyard clinic with Matt Sherrington. I like finding new ways of delivering healthcare. I have never particularly followed the crowd as a physiotherapist and I believe there are always opportunities to rethink the ways that we package and deliver health services. I am proud of Courtyard Clinic and passionate about the achievements, skills and dedication of the people who work here.

Life Coaching
And now to the present day! My enduring fascination, within all these roles has been humans in their gorgeous complexity; trying to understand what makes people happy, sad, inspired, disappointed, motivated, contented, fulfilled. Healthcare to me, in all its forms is about making peoples’ lives better and Life Coaching is the next chapter in my pursuit of that goal. This feels exciting and a little like a homecoming.