Katarina Sveder-Cain

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Member Of The British Chiropractic Association & Registered With The General Chiropractic Council


I trained and worked originally as a registered Nurse in my native Sweden and Norway. I retrained and graduated in 2003 as a Chiropractor from the anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth. I loved being a nurse but felt like a small piece of a huge jigsaw. It was difficult to make significant changes to improve patient care and I found this frustrating. as a self-employed practitioner in two big complementary clinics I am able to bring my no-nonsense, friendly Scandinavian approach to my patients in a way that I feel is more personal, satisfying and rewarding.

It is important to me to educate my patients to help them understand what is wrong and how we can make it better with a combined approach of treatments, stretches, exercise and general advice concerning posture, sports and work.

I work closely with GPs and follow the Governments NiCE Clinical Guidelines as I feel that it is important to work within an evidence based framework. As a result I use manipulation, clinical acupuncture and soft tissue techniques and use gentle modified versions of these techniques when working with elderly patients, pregnant women and children. My motto at work is: ‘prevention is better than cure!’ Many of my patients come for bi-monthly or quarterly treatments when the acute phase of the injury is over. This helps to prevent injuries recurring and gives me a chance to monitor how patients are coping with work, sport and life in general. It also allows me to advise and modify exercises and stretches. I specialise in treating headaches and migraines and helping these patients is something I feel very passionate about.

Aside from the treatment, patients often need advice on what medication is most appropriate. Communication with the patient’s GP often helps to ensure that they are getting the latest treatment available in accordance with the new guidelines. I also look at stress, lifestyle, diet, posture, muscle and joint dysfunction. My interest in migraines started when I saw my mother suffer from them when I was a child. This lead to me completing courses and making it the subject of my thesis for my Master’s degree (‘Dietary triggers in Migraine’). I come from a very sports mad Swedish/Danish family and grew up in Stockholm doing a lot of sports (football, horse riding, orienteering, skiing and snowboarding). This has given me a lifelong love of sports and outdoor living, and luckily I married Simon who loves sports as much as I do! We are currently walking the Cotswold Way and are both enjoying the fantastic countryside so much. Travel and food are other passions and we are always on the look out for the next good place to eat or buy ingredients. We live in an old cottage in Nailsworth.