Meet Maxine


BSc Physiotherapy, Diploma in Sports Massage and Certified Pilates Instructor

Specialist Fields




Growing up, I was an injury prone sporty child who also had scoliosis of the spine so I had a lot of contact with Physiotherapists, especially at Courtyard Clinic! I was always very interested in the human body and amazed by the work a physio could do to fix us so it became my aim to become one.

Following university, I was given the opportunity to work as a Physiotherapist and massage therapist for a couple of years at Club La Santa, a sports training resort in Lanzarote where I treated a range of clients from all sports and backgrounds. 

Since returning to the UK, my career has been varied between having my children. I have been fortunate to gain valuable experience working at the National Star College, a college for students with disabilities, the NHS and now within Courtyard Clinic. 

I like to look at each client individually and get to know them as I am aware of how our lifestyles, mental health and everyday stresses and strains can impact upon our physical wellbeing. 

I have always enjoyed doing massages too, my Dad has always said to me “you have eyes in your hands” and I love the reward of doing a treatment and hearing how much better the client feels at the end

My most recent training has been my APPI Pilates instructor course and I am excited to be teaching at Courtyard Clinic and incorporating the APPI principles into my Physiotherapy practice.