Meet Philippa

Specialist Fields

physiotherapy, pilates


At the age of seven, without knowing it, my passion for Physiotherapy began, after falling off a family horse and fracturing my elbow. I loved my physiotherapist: he was young, knowledgeable and very fun. He made me do all my favourite things; shooting netball goals, swimming and swinging off banisters. Anything to help straighten my elbow. Most importantly, he had the best tee shirt with ‘PHYSIOTHERAPIST’ written in big bold letters on the back. I really wanted the tee shirt!

As a result of this, I paid more attention to my grandmother who was also a trained Physiotherapist. She had some wonderful stories about how she practiced her Physiotherapy during World War 2. She was so highly admired by her patients. She knew the human anatomy in great detail. You couldn’t catch her out. She would use this skill to problem solve her patients difficulties. This inspired me to work hard and gain a place to study Physiotherapy.

I first completed a BSc in Biological Sciences and then went on to achieve a first class Physiotherapy degree at the University of Wales College of Medicine.

I began as a junior Physiotherapist at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Roehampton, London. I progressed to a senior physiotherapist at Kingston Hospital. Here I gained ten years of valuable experience in amputee, neurological, elderly persons rehabilitation, orthopaedics, medicine, surgery, intensive care and musculoskeletal outpatients departments.

My passion is to be the very best physio that I can be. I want to really make a difference to my patients and give my patients the best treatment that they deserve. This led me to complete a postgraduate diploma in advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy at the University of Hertfordshire, become an Acupuncture Practitioner and a Pilates instructor. I thrive on learning and continue to enjoy keeping up to date with the latest research.

I am now living in Cheltenham. Joining Courtyard Clinic gave me the opportunity to be part of a multidisciplinary team of expert practitioners. This allows me to aid patients; from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, with continual maintenance with Pilates.

I love being a Physiotherapist, learning from others and sharing my knowledge. I am really proud of my profession and to be part of Courtyard Clinic.