Meet Ray


Bsc Physiotherapy, Certified Pilates Instructor, Bsc Software Development, HND Computing

Specialist Fields



I always wanted to be a physiotherapist. It took me a few years and a roundabout route to become one but I really do think it is a wonderful job. Being able to help people diagnose and treat their conditions is a true privilege.

Since childhood I have been fascinated by taking things apart to see how they work – my mother will attest to it. I always wanted to know how things work and how they can be “fixed”. My first career in software development allowed me to develop my problem solving skills and I enjoyed the challenges the field brought, however I never shook the desire to work with people. I knew it was time to retrain after my own personal experience of being a physiotherapy patient. I tore my anterior Cruciate Ligament whilst playing football and the physiotherapy team that helped me rehabilitate showed such support, passion and insight that they picked me up from a personal low point and returned me to a higher playing standard than I have ever achieved previously. I wanted to be able to provide that to others.

Having a background in IT, I have always loved the very latest technology, and the constant evolution and search for improvement is an aspect of physiotherapy that very much appeals. Research and literature is continually being produced helping us understand and better treat all musculoskeletal conditions. Keeping up to date with the latest evidence and treatment methods is something that I feel quite passionate about. It is something that is fundamental and all modern therapists should be proactive in. Never before have we understood more about the human body and it’s workings but there is still so very much more to learn. Being inquisitive and always seeking better ways to do things are traits I try to promote and working for the Courtyard Clinic provides the perfect environment. The team strive to provide the very best possible service to our clients and are always open to new treatment methods and therapeutic modalities. Personally I enjoy being able to utilise the very latest evidence and I am always searching for ways to improve my practice.

I strongly believe that an individual’s quality of life is intrinsically linked to physical and mental activity. For treatment to be its most effective there must be a relationship of trust and understanding. I try to ensure that the treatment I provide is as informative and fun as I can make it. Explaining what has happened and why the treatment methods we are using will work, are key elements in the rehabilitation process. Coupling understanding with creative, fun, and most of all effective treatment is my primary focus. Using a variety of modalities including Pilates, sports specific exercise and manual techniques, enables us to keep treatment sessions varied and challenging to help achieve our goals.