Meet Rob


DPodM., DCh., BSc Hons

Specialist Fields

Biomechanical Specialist and Clinical Podiatrist


Podiatry is the diagnosis, treatment and management of foot and ankle related conditions. Podiatrists also have the ability to prescribe medications and perform surgery if necessary, therefore a Podiatrist is able to treat anything from a simple verruca lesion to corrective bunion surgery and anything in-between where the foot and ankle is concerned.

Some Podiatrists are trained in specialist biomechanics, observing body mechanics and how the feet control the joints above them. A Podiatrist therefore works together in a multidiscipline environment with other clinicians such as physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, chiropractors and osteopaths to help treat common conditions such as knee, hip and lower back pain.

Our feet are our foundation and will therefore dictate the position of bones and joints upwards in the body. Your Podiatrist will treat the foot and ankle with a variety of treatments ranging from orthotics, manipulation and exercise to help resolve lower and upper limb conditions, working with other members of the clinical team. Some conditions require a team approach or just another opinion and within the Courtyard Clinic we have many experienced clinicians who excel within their profession. I feel very lucky to be part of the team here at the Courtyard Clinic.

Coming from a science and mechanical background I fell in love with medicine and its mechanical side while studying in Canada. Qualifying as a Biomechanical Musculorskeletal Podiatrist has taken me all over the United Kingdom, ireland, Usa and Canada to practise and lecture. I have currently entered the world of academia, giving back to a profession that has given me such contentment and happiness. My passion for my field of Biomechanics is evident during my energetic lectures.

My main passion is for my children and even though we don’t all live together, the times we spend together are so special, and like my university lectures these times are very energetic and fulfilling.

I feel very lucky being part of such a wonderfully talented team working within the Courtyard Clinic, with the array of specialities, experience and dedication it’s a great place to both work and be a patient.