Tom Johnson

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Specialist Fields

Injury Rehabilitation
Strength & Conditioning


I was introduced to injury rehabilitation when I sprained my knee playing rugby at 14 years old; I was given several exercises which helped me come back stronger and fitter to then make the county’s rugby squad. This experience spurred my interest in exercise and injury rehabilitation.

Alongside my master’s, I initially worked with Speedworks Training allowing me to develop my skills and knowledge in a high-performance environment. During this time, I supported 2 Olympic athletes in their lead-up to competing in Tokyo, as well as the Speedworks academy athletes striving towards elite levels of performance. Furthermore, I treated several professional/semi-professional rugby and football players who have come to train with Speedworks aiming to get faster and more agile.

Alongside working at the Courtyard, I provide advanced first aid for school fixtures, provide athletic development coaching for several schools and provided support at the 2022 Commonwealth games.

In my practice, each of my clients has their individual goals, together we set steps to track our progression in order to keep motivation high and achieve these goals.

I have completed post-graduate courses in sports massage, dry-needling, and strength & conditioning.