Meet Vicky


Bsc Hons Physiotherapy, PGC Neuro-Rehabilitation and Certified Pilates Instructor

Specialist Fields

Neurological and Community Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor


I spent the first eight years of my career rotating from one area of physiotherapy to another. On each new rotation I was convinced that this would be the one that i would specialise in. However, it took a very special physiotherapist who not only captured my interest in Neurological Physiotherapy but was able to maintain it. From then on I have been overwhelmed by the body’s ability to adapt to even the most traumatic neurological event and this has led me to be the type of physio that never says never. I enjoy the individuality of my patients and this is how i plan my physiotherapy treatments.

I have recently undertaken a post graduate certificate in Neurological rehabilitation. This further reinforced my image of the complexity of the neurological system but also enabled me to update my anatomy, physiology and sociological skills.

I work not only in the clinic but also in the community. I love the insight that this gives me into everyday lives and how exercise and recovery affects this. I have been known to use various household utensils to adapt or progress exercises and even been advised to patent a few!

To my surprise I also found myself recently training to be a Pilates instructor. It has been a complete change to my daily routine to take classes but I enjoy every minute, particularly the progression of the amusing banter at the beginning of the class to the hushed groans by the end! always a sign of a good class! the transferability of Pilates into my neurological treatments has also been significant and the core has become a big feature in my physio life.

Since joining the Courtyard Clinic I have realised that although it is important to specialise it is also important to be able to transfer your skills and therefore my aim for my future progression in physiotherapy is to be able to incorporate more musculoskeletal techniques. This means more use of the metal implements!