Meet Zoe

Specialist Fields

physiotherapy, pilates


Since leaving University I have been a Physio working in several different fields and meeting a wide variety of people. Working for the NHS in Taunton, I met the Queen when she opened our new department which had a Hydrotherapy pool. I began my love of Hydrotherapy whilst a student in Bath where we were lucky enough to have two pools!

I moved to the North East when I got married and worked in out-patients until we started our family, then I learnt new skills in the community before moving into the private sector. I really enjoyed working in a small private practice and met Sir Bobby Robson the then manager of Newcastle United when he came to open our new premises. The boys (now in their twenties!) still have his autograph!

Ten years ago my husband was relocated to Bristol, I was able to return to my roots and my children learnt a new accent. Since then, I have worked at St Roses School in Stroud. Here I have been able to return to working in Aquatic Therapy, treating children and young adults with profound and complex disabilities. I have learnt that given time and encouragement these children can continue to acquire new skills which no-one would think possible. I have also become handy with a set of Allan keys and spanners repairing wheelchairs, trained in Rebound Therapy and become a Manual Handling trainer.

I came to know Courtyard Clinic as a patient, I had a hip problem which ended up with me having keyhole hip surgery. Despite me being reasonably fit and active ‘my gluts switched off’ so as part of my rehab I was taught Pilates. This got me thinking, I saw Pilates as a great opportunity for a career change and to be able to use my Physio skills in a new and challenging way that would be kind to my aging body! I completed the APPI training earlier this year and am really enjoying sharing my knowledge and working at Courtyard.

I continue to enjoy being a Physiotherapist, it has allowed me to meet new people, it continually challenges my way of thinking and has allowed me to enjoy being a wife and Mum to our three nearly grown up children.

In my free time I enjoy looking after, and riding, my daughter’s horse as well as walking our dog.