We have all suffered from a headache at some point in our life but having headaches more frequently can be both debilitating and frustrating.


  • Tension in the muscles around the head and neck due to stress, restricted joints in the neck or poor posture are very common causes of headache.
  • Eye strains, dental problems and sinusitis can also cause a headache
  • Most headaches are not the result of a serious illness but it is important to have a thorough examination to rule out the need for referral to your GP or a specialist for further investigation.
  • So-called rebound headaches are when one takes medication for a headache but then wakes the next morning with another headache and repeats the cycle with more medication.
  • The exact cause of migraine is still unknown but current research points to a temporary alteration in brain activity affecting nerve signals, chemicals and blood flow in the brain.

When to seek help

When headaches are restricting you in your work or private life due to pain or an inability to perform normal activities due to light or sound sensitivity.

Treatments Available

Chiropractors and Physiotherapists will take a full history and conduct a physical and neurological examination to confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan. They will decide whether onward referral for further investigation is indicated to rule out the possibility of serious illness as a cause for the headaches. They can also communicate with your GP regarding appropriate medication for migraine according to the latest guidelines and research. Physical treatment alongside advice and stretches offer a complete treatment which may include a visit to the Optician for an eye exam, or to your Dentist to rule out other causes of your headache. A Dietitian will be able to discuss with you, possible dietary triggers. Lifestyle may also be an issue, it is beneficial if you can make changes to prevent or reduce the occurrence of headaches and migraines in the first place.

In addition, Massage Therapy can help to reduce muscle tension to relieve tension headaches. Hypnotherapy can help if the cause appears to be stress related, enabling you to adopt better coping strategies.

All of these services are available at Courtyard.