Which element are you?

It’s metal season

Metal season corresponds with the Autumn. This time of year can be associated with dying back, falling away and sinking back into the earth. It may be viewed as a preparation for the coming winter, but also for new life in the spring. It is an active period.

With each of the seasons so far, we have looked at characteristics and personality traits associated with each element. People who display characteristics associated with Metal are tough and can handle large amounts of pressure. Through hard training, pressure and work they can become an extremely useful tool, or, if left idle, they can become spoilt and lazy, with low self-esteem.

Yang Metal people are one of the rare elements who actually enjoy pressure and challenges. This is their natural state and one through which they can become more refined. They are well advised when approaching challenges to ask themselves “What is the purpose of this activity?” Purpose is very important to them.

Precious metals are found in small quantities but are of great value.

Well known Metal people include Richard Nixon, Margaret Thatcher, Hugh Grant and Jennifer Lopez (quite an eclectic mix!)

Metal season can be a tricky time, particularly for the elderly, or people in poor health. There can be fear about the approaching winter, and the effort required to prepare adequately.

Chinese Acupuncture can help to cleanse the system and boost the immune system during this time of year. Treatment will focus on supporting the lung and small intestine.

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Look out for the next installment in Winter when we’ll be discussing the element of Water.