Too Many Decisions, never enough time, feeling overwhelmed?

Free Your Mind

Do you find there’s often this background of worry in your mind? You haven’t done something you ought to have done or have done something you shouldn’t, things would be better if you were cleverer, fitter, more organised or thoughtful? You might spend a lot of time mulling over things that have either already taken place or may happen in the future? These are examples of not being Mindful and are often wrapped up in unhelpful patterns of how you think about yourself and the world. It’s sometimes called ruminating, you’re thinking but not really getting anywhere and it can become a habit.

Mindfulness is one way to try and break these habits. It’s based around the concept of meditation which is taken from Buddhist principles but these days it is recognised by Doctors, business professionals, artists and sports people as a method for addressing stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain as well as enhancing creativity and resilience.

During a Mindfulness course you’ll be taught methods to help you stay present, more engaged with what you’re actually doing, reacting to things as they happen rather than with habitual patterns of behaviour or knee-jerk reactions.  The concepts are quite simple but results can be far-reaching.  You may find a Mindfulness quite challenging but equally rewarding and the effects long-lasting.

Recent participants of Mindfulness stated:

“A new experience! I’ve been surprised by the impact it has had on me that has been noticed by my close family. It has provided me with the tools to take control more effectively and genuinely feel more relaxed.”


“Our time together was very enjoyable. The time given to teaching, speaking amongst the group and formal practices was well organised. Marianne and Terry obviously have a vast knowledge on the subject which was both interesting and helpful. (They never seem to fazed by any question and/or issue!)”

Room to Breathe

Mindfulness can help us maintain a clearer, freer state of mind and is as natural as our next breath and brings a new quality of engagement to everything we do.


Mindfulness sessions will be held on four alternate Saturday mornings at Courtyard Clinic, Dursley  and delivered by Terry Pilchick and Marianne Brady from Mindfulness West, Stroud.Course dates: Saturday 22nd October, 5th November, 19th November, 3rd December, 9:30am-1:00pm

Taster Sessions: 10th September, 24th September, 11:00am-12:30pm

The cost of a taster session is £15:00 which will be refunded from your full course fee.


I’m interested! What do I do next?

If you would like to enrol on either a Mindfulness course or taster session please call us on 01453 548 119 or email to reserve your place.  If you have any further queries, please call on the above number and the team at Courtyard will be happy to help.

We look forward to hearing from you!