My morning walk – with benefits! 

As we look forward to the beginning of spring, Karla’s post from back in January is a great reminder of the good bits of winter.

It might have been minus 3 this morning but that doesn’t stop the dogs wanting to go out!  I wrapped up in lots of layers and set off.  A friend once said to me ‘wrap up like an onion so you can take off the layers as it warms up’ – this always makes me smile and think with fondness about her, although I haven’t seen her for years.   The dogs were so excited which made me smile and as we got to the park they went running to the end of it and back.  It was crisp and white with fog covering the surrounding hills, with the sun peeking through so I decided to go into the woods.  They were even more excited by my choice!  I took so many photos as every 15 minutes the landscape changed from thick fog, to a mist hanging over the fields with the sun lighting up the hills and trees. These are just a couple to help you visualise the scene.







For most of the walk my hands were free and my arms were swinging therefore I followed Jo Beeston’s advice of doing so. For more advice from Jo see here

My inner chimp

We just walked and walked as I had an unexpected free morning following a client cancellation.  I took full advantage by getting out even though my inner chimp wanted to stay in the warm – my intellectual brain won very quickly.  My chimp had been in control for a few days last week by not wanting to go swimming at lunchtimes but again, I won on Thursday morning and felt much better for it.  I managed 10 lengths more than the previous week so I was very pleased with myself and gave myself a pat on the back. If you are bit confused by some of the references here, see my page for more information on hypnotherapy.  Those of you who have benefited already, this should make you smile – see, even my chimp wins sometimes!

Ahead of the game

The other benefit of the hour and a half we were out was that I wrote the outline of this blog in my head, came home, had breakfast then sat down at the computer and typed it up.  I had a deadline of the end of February to do it so I was well ahead of the game! The sun was now fully out and streaming through the windows, the dogs laying on the bed fast asleep enjoying the sunshine.

Further Help and Advice

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