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Join us this autumn for award winning YogaBellies classes focusing on women’s Health and Wellbeing.


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Trying to cope with sleep problems, hormone fluctuations and other issues associated with the menstruation cycle can be challenging enough, and as we go through different life stages such as pregnancy and the menopause our bodies experience significant changes.

This autumn at Courtyard we are offering YogaBellies classes – which uses yoga, music and aromatherapy to help ease some of these challenges. The sessions are unique and incorporate a range of authentic yogic and holistic techniques, including traditional yoga, self-hypnosis and deep relaxation within a typical class.

So whether you are looking for ways to help guide you through menstruation, or menopause issues, or you would like to learn how to deeply relax and lesson anxieties during your pregnancy, find out today about how these YogaBellies classes could help you.

From beginners, to the more experienced – all levels are welcome.

Here’s what other people have experienced with YogaBellies:

“Did a taster session and absolutely loved it so signed up to the Lunar classes. Theresa is a fantastic teacher and made me feel completely at ease – just what I need as a yoga virgin :-)”


“Really enjoying the pregnancy yoga with Theresa. Its keeping me moving with having SPD. She always makes sure I’m ok and comes up with alternatives if I’m struggling with my pelvis. I love the relaxation at the end and I even fell asleep on Wednesday.”

Class times

YogaBellies – for Women of all ages: Class time TBC

YogaBellies for Pregnancy: Saturday 10:00am-11:15am

Find out more:

Call 01453 548 119

Email yoga@courtyardclinic.co.uk